So the Development team have been hard at work getting the world that will be Greed Monger built!

We have been promising a major announcement that will help with advancement of Greed Monger and Jason Appleton has written a letter to all you Greed Mongerers to share the big news!

“Greetings Greed Monger Fans!
Many of you have been waiting for our announcement this weekend and here it is.
We are changing the Greed Monger MMORPG to a Battle Chess Simulator!!! Just kidding. April Fools and all that. In any case, we have been learning a great deal over the past few months of development. Initially when we kicked off development in Unity, we spent a great deal of money purchasing assets such as models, scripts, animations and the like, not to mention all of the custom work we had done such as switching from prefab housing to a custom modular housing system which cost a pretty penny to have created for each climate. But it was well worth it! We had some issues that caused us to step away from Unity and head into the world of the Hero Engine. It was a major decision considering all that we had done already and without being 100% certain how much of our already existing assets could be migrated into Hero. Well, the truth is, we switched back to Unity not long after we switched to Hero. Aside from the issues of the revenue model, no cross-platform support and other things the player base has been expecting, the engine just wasn’t a fit for us. We didn’t want to announce this as quickly as we did the initial switch because we wanted to make some solid headway into the game’s development in Unity first. To give you an example, in Hero, we only were able to get 1 climate imported into the Engine. It was very time-consuming and pain staking. In Unity, our entire world map is already imported and each climate being worked on by its own world build (I’m working on the Volcanic Lands myself actually!).
Some of the issues we were facing with Unity that Hero resolved for us at the time was the concern for a completely seamless world. Well, one of the key software systems we were looking to implement is still not yet available and as of the last conversation it had an almost 7 figure price tag on it or a 30% revenue share. Very non indie friendly. Hero comes with such features built into the Engine which sounded great! Since then, there have been new tools to be released that may well resolve this issue for us in Unity with the worst case scenario being that each climate will need to be access via a loading screen much like WOW was until some better tools are released or we have figured out another resolution. Regardless, it’s not a terrible compromise.
Another issue with Unity that concerned us was the new EULA findings that as it turns out are more targeted towards multiplayer gambling sites. So, this no longer concerns us as it did initially.
As far as other issues we had with Hero, all I will say is that the team in its entirety was very, very happy to switch back to Unity and pick up where we left off.
I will say one thing to be honest, I had no idea how much would have to go into the development of a game like this. We are doing really well thanks to the help of the team and primarily James Proctor who has really stepped up his game over the past month and has become the go to guy for the needs of everyone.
We have a growing team of skilled modelers, artists, world builders and programmers who are bringing this game to life and we will be releasing a steady stream of screenshots and videos starting very soon.
Since the inception of the development of Greed Monger and the regular antics of forum users on MMO related sites calling the game a scam, or some kind of pyramid scheme and God knows what else since we started ignoring such remarks, we have brought several people into the fold from the Greed Monger Community who are acting as Community Managers, Q&A Testers and the like so that they are able to present the information you all crave directly from seeing it for themselves. The fact is, we are SLAMMED busy and this undertaking extremely time and resource consuming, as such, it’s difficult for us to remember or even have the time to consistently update multiple websites, forums etc with updates on progress. So, Koranian, Wulfgar and others will be helping to distribute this information to all of you on our behalf. Luminous is a Q&A Test for Windows while Wulfgar is our Q&A tester for Macs. Koranian is handling our community management, website, social media and forum distribution channels and so far, doing a bang up job at it.
So, what all does this mean in the grand scheme of things? Well, as you’ve most likely surmised, multi platform support is back. Mac, Windows and Linux are all supported. Also, our revenue model is still Free To Play. However, know that we will at the least have an additional cash shop in-game, though it will be mostly for housing module options to enhance or further decorate your homesteads and by no means be a play to win option for the wealthy. I nor my team are building Greed Monger as a means of getting rich by any stretch. It’s been a labor of love from day one for all of us, however, I personally do not want to have to come out-of-pocket each month to insure the game’s server costs are covered and as such, I may initiate a $5 per month subscription. I haven’t yet decided and won’t know for sure until after initial alpha testing so that we can accurately measure the usage per player on a monthly level to then accurately calculate the potential server costs. I would also like to note, that though nobody likes a subscription, it would ensure the game isn’t bombarded with Free To Play players whose only interest is in grieving others without fear of being banned which in this game could be a major bane.
On a final note, we do not yet know exactly when alpha testing will be. We want to make sure the climates are cleaned up and at least in an alpha ready state prior to getting them all setup on the servers. As such, our goal is the end of April, but this may well spill into May. So don’t be surprised if it does. We have made significant progress in GM’s development though there is still a great deal to do and we prefer not to rush everything for the sake of just throwing something at you next month. You will be well-informed when we are ready for Alpha and probably be given a week’s notice. When we begin that process, a small initial number of people will be let in, and we will continue to add more through out a 30 day period by which we plan to have all KS backers running around and exploring the climates.
That’s it for now. Screenshots and videos soon to follow.
Thank you all for your continued support.
Jason Appleton”

So now for the video that has been promised! This video includes a walk around two different lands, you can see some monster and a little tent settlement. Remember this is still pre-alpha so nothing everything is full imported but this should give you an idea how Greed Monger will look!

Note: Video now hosted on Youtube!

So as you can see there is a lot of work being done and thanks to better communication with Unity 3d things are moving a lot nicely! There is a lot more still to be done and we hope to bring you much more screen shots and videos soon so stay tuned!

I will leave you all with a Massive Happy Easter from all the team at Greed Monger and a HUGE thank you for the continued support!