Hey everyone!
Sorry it is a little late.. But let us get on with it!

First of all I want to let you all know where we are at with Alpha!

Over this weekend the team has been bringing together the basic components to giving the game life. James Proctor (Lead Programmer) imported a small piece of the Tropical Climate on to the server and a few of us have actually been in-game together which is a real major event for us! This of course gives James and the team a better picture of where we are at and what we needs to be done.

They have been working on getting the right animations for the avatars and making sure controls are working properly. Also over the beginning of this week they will be putting in the character creation UI and the finished models as well as some of the armour sets. We do however have a working Day and Night cycle which has given some pretty nice images of the sun rise! James has also been working on the logging in system that should match your forum log in.

So while we are not quite there it is piece by piece coming together before our eyes! There have been a few delays on some of the key systems however while those delays have slowed some progress the team has worked on other features. So I can assure you there has been no lolly-gagging in this outfit!

A picture I took of the Sun while on t he live test world!!

A picture I took of the Sun while on the live test world!!

Another thing.. I have mentioned that James and I were testing out a google hang out.. If all goes according to plan just before Alpha launch we would like to do a live hang out with some or all of the developers to show case the hard work this team has put in so far! & of course to answer any questions (No trolls allowed :p) live on air.. I must stress though that this is something we hope to do and cannot say for certain that we will or can do.

So here is your eye candy for the week! While I am talking about eye candy please remember to check out our Greed Monger Youtube channel for the amazing videos that we have uploaded lately of the Greed Monger Climates!

Thanks Greed Mongerers Will soon be seeing you Alpha testers in-game!