Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a very good weekend and you’re not full of the Monday Blues!

This week in preparation for Alpha the team have been working out some kinks with movement and I managed to build my very first albeit basic house.. This was simply to test the parcel squares work!

I know many of you would like to know a date for and we would love to give you one! but we simply don’t want to be like other games and give you a date then something come up and we cannot meet that deadline! While Alpha is for testing We don’t want to kick-start it knowing there are bugs.. that would be silly. So the team are working very hard to get rid of known bugs before allowing all the Alpha testers to build a new list. What I can say is as soon as we are confident that the game is ready for Alpha testing then we will start the countdown!

In the mean time Here is a couple sneaky screenies of the Desert Lands.. Which I hope to have a teaser for as soon as it’s finished!

Don’t forget about the double contest we are having for all your creative Greed Mongerers all details can be found on our forums!

Also in order to comply with Google+‘s rules on profile we have switched to having a Greed Monger Page” instead of personal profile. So we now have the Greed Monger Community page and the new Greed Monger Google+ Page. So check them out if you are that way inclined *grins*

Anyway guys Hope you all have a good week! See you all on the forums!