Hey everyone!

Just want to let you all know.. You can now try out the awesome House Building tool! All you have to do is follow this link: Greed Monger Housing Tool

To use the tool please follow the instructions below:

-Press B to enter Build Mode
-Num Pad 2,4,6, and 8 moves to the next grid block based on which key you press. Num pad 7 and 9 rotates the house block on the currently selected grid
-Num pad 5 deletes the block on the currently selected grid.
-num pad Enter builds the currently selected house block on the currently selected grid.
-page up and page down switches floors for you to edit.

We are asking that all screen shots of your builds and feedback be left on this thread to better help collect information!

I hope you all enjoy using the tool! Its pretty awesome but please remember this is a demo and we are looking for feedback on it and changes may or may not happen based on that feedback!!

Thanks everyone

– Koranian